Monday, December 11, 2006

Military and Seminary: Coincidence?

James Taranto today is running five comments from military personnel and their families offering reaction to the recent remarks by John Kerry and Charles Rangel that have suggested that military enlistees are mostly down-on-their-luck unfortunates who didn't do well in school.

What we find interesting is that two of these missives mention seminary. One is from a military doctor, who also possesses a seminary degree, and the other is from a military mom who says that her son would have gone to seminary had he not gone on active duty. In any event, that's 40% of a small sample.

What is it that makes some people see ministry and military as their prime career options? Desire to change the world? To do something audacious and meaningful with their one-and-only life on earth? Succumbing to the propaganda of the deceptive religious and military establishments? Being too stupid to see that religious faith and patriotic conviction are meaningless?

We think it's one or both of the first two, and we totally discount the last two.

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JB in CA said...

You left out the latest fashionable alternative: Failure to see that the two are mutually contradictory.