Thursday, December 14, 2006

Powers: Hypersexualized Dolls for '06 Christmas

Former Clinton (!) appointee and current Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers in todays NY Post lambasts toymakers for their marketing of super-sexy dolls clearly modeled on the party-girl image of MTV and similar entertainment figures.

Though the SWNID household has been untouched by the deliterious image of womanhood promoted by Brittany, Paris, MTV dancers and their ilk, we nevertheless add our voice in outcry against this expansion of the tramp franchise.

Here's a passage from Powers (after reading, join us in saying "Amen"):

Feminists used to complain that Barbie sold girls an unrealistic body image. Modern dolls make Barbie look like what she was meant to be: child's play. There were no bustiers and garters for Barbie when I was growing up, nor did she sell a particular lifestyle. She could be a stay-at-home mom or a working woman, depending on who was dressing her.

The new dolls have gone beyond selling a body image and now sell a materialistic, hyper-sexualized, party lifestyle. Where Barbie had no real-life counterpart, the newer dolls are clear rip-offs and reinforcements of what's already being sold 24/7 to girls through movies, reality TV, music performers, MTV and glossy magazines.


Anonymous said...

i pray to God that i never have girls.

- justin

Anonymous said...

Maybe Crouch should have consulted with Powers...