Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Al Masri Dies Like a True Insurgent

Early reports are coming in that the chief of Al Qaida in Iraq, Abbu Ayyub al Masri, has been killed by other Sunni insurgents. We weigh in with the following:

  • We sincerely hope that he is very dead and that he stays that way.
  • We believe that if history is any guide at all, the internal contradictions of the Iraqi insurgency movements will continue to undermine their efforts to overthrow the Iraqi government.
  • We guess that Democrats believe that results like this are just one more reason why we should pack up and leave Iraq. Democrats reason differently from other people, apparently.
  • We still wish most ardently that someone will arise in Iraq who can command the respect of several parties and begin to get them to work together. Despite the courage of many who have plighted their troth to the new democracy, there is still no Iraqi Washington or Gandhi or Havel who can get the populace pulling in one direction for the common good.


Bryan D said...

Terrorists are a dish best served cold... dead cold. Or at least room temperature give or take the added heat produced by millions of microorganisms as they rapidly decompose his/her corspse.

Rodney King, LA said...

Why can't we all just get along?