Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SWNID Is Tired of the Redundant "All Throughout"

SWNID is grading papers. SWNID keeps reading the same barbarous redundancy. We tire of marking it.

It is the phrase "all throughout."

If something is "throughout" something, it is by definition through all of it.

Yet Google reports that this phrase occurs on some 1,100,000 Internet sites. Throughout the Internet, one finds the phrase "all throughout." Few of these sites are commenting on the phrase's redundancy. Even Wikipedia's entry on redundant expressions only mentions this awfulness when modifying the verb "permeate."

We therefore congratulate the blog "Spare Change" for its courageous calling out of this phrase for redundancy.

Be warned, SWNIDish students! Purge your speech and writing of this waste of syllables.


JB in CA said...

Make that 1,100,001 internet sites (now that SWNID has weighed in).

steve-o said...

The phrase "all throughout" is both redundant and repetitive.

That's the absolute truth.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated - Cornel West will soon release a hip hop album:

JB in CA said...

Cornel West is redundant and repetitive all throughout.