Friday, May 11, 2007

Why SWNID Likes Richardson

We thank Son of SWNID for pointing us to Bill Richardson's first TV ads, which remind us why we think we could live happily in a republic with Congressman/Secretary/Ambassador/Governor Richardson as Chief Executive.

Don't miss the droll rolling of the eyes. We approve of a President who can roll his eyes drolly.

The little salsa tag at the end of the spots is tasty too, even though it was probably conceived to underline that despite the WASPish name, Richardson is Hispanic.

The fact that Richardson lags in the polls proves to us that Democrats currently have no sense at all. Compare this guy to Hillary and you've got more than she brings on policy and lots more on experience. Compare him to Obama and you've got all that he brings on charm and lots more on experience, plus he's still a representative of a minority group. Why is this even a competitive race, let alone a competitive race in which Richardson isn't competitive?

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