Friday, October 26, 2007

Krauthammer to Conservatives: Stop Whining About Candidates

We point gentle readers gratefully to the impeccable Charles Krauthammer's column that today remonstrates conservatives for complaining that they don't have any good presidential candidates this year. A quotation:

In 2007 we have, by any reasonable historical standard, a fine Republican field: One of the great big-city mayors of the past century; a former governor of extraordinary executive talent; a war hero, highly principled and deeply schooled in national security; and a former senator with impeccable conservative credentials.

So why all the angst?

Indeed! We continue to prefer Our Man Rudy but enthusiastically affirm that we will vote enthusiastically for Romney, McCain or even the sphinx-like Thompson.

Take heart, friends! We have good frontrunners, and Pat Robertson isn't running at all.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid even with his humor and his straight talk, Fred is too much like Bob Dole. Bob Dole was unelectable from the very beginning: too old, too dry, too little leadership, etc.

Fred should be secretary of defense, commerce, or treasury.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget that Senators hardly ever get elected President. There are only two, I think: Harding and Kennedy.

Yes, there are others who served in the Senate and were elected President, but their most recent political job wasn't in the Senate.

But it's weird to think that both parties could nominate Senators this year.