Friday, October 26, 2007

Swing State FL Provides Republic with Reality Check

Our Man has been trailing That Woman in most national polls of late.

There's little wonder there. The electorate trails the news cycle by about 6 months. Recent events affirm that (a) the military is taking care of business in Iraq; (b) the Ds have no ability to govern. But voters will register this in their preferences sometime around Easter.

Nevertheless, there are leading indicators: Quinnipiac now shows Rudy leading Hillary Rodham Puffenstuff 46-43 in Florida.

Interestingly, a margin of these Rudy supporters cite disaffection from the party of Jefferson, Jackson and FDR because of its strong-arm tactics to settle when the state's presidential primary ought to be held. We assume that they realize that a party that can't govern itself won't do well with bigger responsibilities, as Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi demonstrate often.

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Matt Coulter said...

That's why we moved to Florida... to spread the same successful rhetoric that we used in Ohio to sway voters in 2004 :)

Viva Conservatives! Viva Reagan!