Friday, April 10, 2009

A Healthcare Irony

The Nation, a publication so representative of the extreme left that SWNID seldom bothers checking it, today runs a most interesting essay.

It is by an aging wife and mother, active politically her entire life, who now faces huge medical bills because of her daughter having suffered a horse-riding accident and her husband having a catastrophic fall after developing Parkinson's. It is indeed a sad tale of the choices that must be made under such tragic circumstances.

One could observe various things about the story: that the daughter was foolhardy to embark on a physically dangerous career as a horse trainer without health insurance, that the family might not even have the choice of the care they've received if the government were paying all the bills, that protecting the family's financial assets might not be a priority for the public that is called upon to shoulder the costs of their medical care.

But we point out something else. The author of the story is Kate Michelman. That's right: the former president of the National Abortion Rights Action League.

One wonders, does Ms. Michelman ponder whether the dignity which she denied to the unborn ought to be extended to the born-but-broken members of her family?

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