Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's Oblong Oval Office Oration

We didn't watch the Presidential Address last night. Did you?

We have caught some excerpts.

We wonder what powers our Republic's President has to order a corporation to create an escrow account administered by a third party. We wonder also what powers our Republic's President has to assign liability for a presidential action--ordering a moratorium on offshore drilling--to a private corporation.

We understood the President to be deeply concerned about due process for terrorist suspects. We suppose we should be heartened that corporations--which by current dogma are not people and so have no rights--are bereft of due-process consideration. An act of war can be criminally prosecuted. A negligence tort is a casus belli. It's so wonderful to have a constitutional law professor in charge of the world.

If someone wanted to write a speech that would subtly reinforce the notion that BHO is at once grandiose in his self-evaluation and clueless about actual issues, we think this speech was probably unsurpassable.

Even Chris "Tingle Up My Leg" Matthews thought this was a stinker. Comparisons to Carter are now taking hold.

Or banana-republic strongmen: see the irrepressible Ben Stein's exceptionally restrained essay offering such.

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