Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Blame Global Warming

We've been restrained on the announcement that the Gores are splitting. As the drama unfolds, we now have a tabloid's allegation of adultery and a categorical denial of the same. Whatever.

Now time for the insightful comment. The Gores' behavior as a couple in the 2000 campaign was dreadfully embarrassing. Thought to be proving his machismo and his superiority to Slick Willie, Al, with Tipper's apparent consent, elevated PDA to a campaign tactic more prominent than impatient, condescending sighing during televised debates.

Who was not reminded in those days in high school and college when the somewhat socially awkward guys constantly displayed their animal magnetism with their significant other? Shouts of "get a room" resonated across the Democratic National Convention's floor as Mr. and Mrs. Nominee staged a Big, Wet One. Even the Reagans, never ashamed to publicize their devotion to each other, didn't do the quadralabial click in public.

They call it compensation, and in our view it happens a lot. This was yet another sad instance. It doesn't surprise us at all that a couple "so much in love" has now split up. Love is not boastful, proud, rude or self seeking, or so we heard once.

Politicians of the future, when asking yourselves how to behave in public with your conjugal partner, ask the question that always leads to a wise conclusion: What would Calvin Coolidge do?


Anonymous said...

Slow day? Loss of inspiration?

JB in CA said...

Not so, Anonymous. Inquiring minds have a right to know.