Friday, June 25, 2010

Standing Tall for the Faith

Manute Bol died too young.

He died in large part because he contracted a miserable skin disease while doing relief work in his native Sudan.

Previously he had marketed his post-NBA persona in clownish fashion--to finance his relief work.

Previously he had spent his NBA fortune--to finance his relief work.

Minute Bol believed that Jesus of Nazareth s God incarnate who died willingly for the sake of undeserving people. Hence, his own highly counter-instinctive life and death.

Read about it in WSJ's weekly "Houses of Worship" column.

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JB in CA said...

It's interesting. I've heard for quite some time about Manute Bol's humanitarian activities. But not, until now, that they were motivated by his Christian faith. I wonder why it's so difficult for the press to include that bit of news?

It reminds me of how Martin Luther King, Jr. was (and is) almost never described by the media as an ordained minister. Something of an oversight, I would think, since he wasn't shy to point out that his civil rights activities were motivated almost entirely by his Christian commitment.

As for Manute Bol, the world—and especially Sudan, where his friends called him "shorty"—has lost a good man, a good Christian man. Let's pray that others will pick up where he left off.