Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anti-Christian Discrimination in the Academy, Revisited

In reply to Tim Larsen's piece suggesting deliberate study of anti-Christian discrimination in the academy, one Adam Kotsko offers a thoughtful, contrasting reply.

Kotsko's point is that evangelical Christians have created such a subculture of suspicion and hostility toward academe that many students arrive on campus with a chip on their shoulder.

Mostly true, we affirm. Fearful of losing impressionable young people to Pied Pipers of humanistic secularism, Christians often fortify impressionable undergraduates not with thought (tough do do with freshpersons) nor even with pastoral relationships (always the foundation of nurture) but with fear and hostility. We suggest a different approach, expressed in contrasting clauses above.

Still, Christian faith remains mostly foreign, not merely private, at the contemporary university. We think that Kotsko and Larsen have complementary perspectives that ought to inform everyone on all sides.

See? We can listen to each other.

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