Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy SWNIDiversary!

Five years ago today, the internet was changed for ever.

SWNID appeared.

Since then, we have refined our style to attain a keener level of verbosity; addressed matters political, ethical, cultural, artistic and religious; stretched the meaning of "seldom"; and captured the fleeting attention of readers numbering in the dozens.

We post less frequently these days, perhaps because life interferes with expressing opinions, perhaps because public affairs move at such a molluscish pace, perhaps because we've already expressed ourself on the vainly repetitious events of the day.

Still, we press on occasionally, driven by our insatiable need to speak our mind for our own amusement, wondering whether our words will entertain someone else partly as much as they do us.

And five years later, we see no reason to deny what we so often affirm here: that the best explanation for life, the universe and everything is the Christian gospel, and that the bitter lessons of history are that pacifism kills and socialism impoverishes. Expect such notions to continue undergirding our bloviations.


JB in CA said...

This is the day we've been waiting five years for. Salut!

Bryan D said...

Hello, my name is BD and I have been a SWNID addict for five years now.

Rob said...

I aspire to be half the blogger that you are.

Patrick said...

"...molluscish..." ...nice.