Wednesday, August 04, 2010

ObamaCare Simply Described

At last, someone has reduced the administration of the new federal health insurance program to a simple chart, available here in PDF format.

We do recommend, however, that Gentle Readers consider their prior experiences as a qualification for understanding the chart. Anyone who has merely done all of the following will likely find the chart challenging:

  • mastered the NYC transit map, including all five boroughs and buses as well as trains
  • charted and memorized the names and relationships of characters in War and Peace
  • provided senior consulting on the mapping of the human genome

1 comment:

Christian said...

I think they made a mistake. I can't find any reporting requirements by individuals to the IRS. So individuals will be mandated to buy Health Insurance (btw, how is the world is this "providing" universal health care by making people buy it? Isn't that akin to the mob forcing my small business to buy "protection"?), but the only way the government will know that they don't have it is if said individuals tell them. If they refuse to obey the law and buy, what makes them think they will obey the law and report that they didn't buy?