Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hatred in Its Worst Form, Love in Its Finest

The Taliban's murder of Christian aid workers in Afghanistan ought to remind everyone in the world that there is such a thing as evil.

It also ought to suggest to the world that the Christian gospel can and sometimes does motivate lives of extraordinary self-sacrifice for the sake of others' good.

On this point we recommend the story in our local paper of one of the victims, who grew up near our city and is the daughter of an alumnus of the institution we are honored to serve.

Add to that the testimony of her father:

We offer our prayers for and thanks to Mr. Beckett, his family, and the families of all the victims.

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Martin said...

When I first heard about this, my first thought was Shakepeare's line in The Tempest, "Hell is empty. And all the devils are here."

It is difficult not to think the very worst of humanity. I think Anne Frank was wrong. People are not really good at heart.

I've heard so many people say that the murders in Afghanistan were senseless. Truly.

What is even more senseless is that there are good people like these who lost their lives who go and spend themselves on the very least of these. Where's the sense in that? I'm so glad there are people who go and do things that make no sense. Maybe we all need to be less sensible. I know I do.