Monday, December 05, 2005

Howard Dean Now Cribbing SWNID

In the past we have noted multiple times that the left has only two stories by which to interpret any political event: Vietnam and Watergate.

Now Howard Dean--medical doctor, governor, presidential aspirant, and primal screamer--has managed to interpret a single event, the Iraq War, as both. Yes, Iraq is both Vietnam and Watergate. We note the relevant quotes:
I've seen this before in my life. This is the same situation we had in Vietnam. . . . . What we see today is very much like what was going in Watergate.

In the immortal words of Dave Barry, we are not making this up. Even SWNID lacks the gall to create something this absurd.

These days parents often complain that their children learn only a few isolated events of history. The chairman of the Defeatocrat party seems intent on reducing that small number to two.

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A Christian Prophet said...

Please pray with all your heart for Howard Dean and his allies. They are so blinded by hatred and dogma. According to the Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog, the U.S. has already achieved great spiritual victories in Iraq. The U.S. needs a strong but spiritually attuned Democratic Party, not a herd of dogmatists.