Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Mother of All Must-Reads: Harvard Law Prof on Iraq in Historical Perspective

Occasionally SWNID labels certain opinion/analysis pieces on the web as must-reads. Today, we make that designation emphatically. This is the Mother of all Must-Reads, the Mustest Readest of All.

Gentle readers, if you do not follow the link to William Stuntz's article on the Iraq War in the New Republic, consider yourself no longer a gentle reader. You are not welcome on this blog if you don't follow the link. Fail to click and read, and you can no longer read SWNID. Period.

Stuntz's analysis is the most penetrating morally and historically that SWNID has encountered to date. What makes it all the more remarkable is the New Republic's avowedly liberal editorial slant. And more remarkable still, Stuntz is a professor at Harvard Law School.


Rustypants said...

interesting. did he really make comparisons between lincoln and dubya? guess i ought to read it again.

Anonymous said...

Fasinating and interesting column. I would like to take exception to one point. The author is of the opinion that dubya sort of stumbled onto a larger purpose for this war. To quote, "Two-and-a-half years ago, our armed forces set out to fight a small war with a small objective. Today we find ourselves in a larger war with a larger and vastly better purpose." I would suggest that, based on his statements prior to the Iraq invasion, this larger purpose was on our esteemed president's mind from the beginning and that it is the rest of us who are trying to catch up.