Sunday, December 18, 2005

On Teaching Biology at Christian Colleges

The Chicago Tribune has a remarkably temperate article on the dilemma of teaching biology on the Christian college campus where "evolution" is viewed by many students as a dirty word.

The article certainly illustrates that the problem of creation versus evolution and the evaluation of intelligent design theory are at least as much matters of sociology and political science as natural science. For those who wonder why intelligent design is instantly labeled "a high-tech name for creationism," they need only recall that legal precedent exists for excluding discussion of "creationism" from public school classrooms in the United States. Hence, if Darwinists can by constant repetition get the two identified with each other, they've protected their preserve. Likewise, if certain Christians can label anything that challenges their notion of biblical literalism as godless, the same is accomplished.

By contrast, Randall O'Brien, provost at Baylor University, offers that at Baylor, "we're really as much about interrogation of faith and learning as we are about integration of faith and learning." Now there's an approach worth emulating.

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Rustypants said...

if only all christian colleges had a dr. grubbs who never touched on evolution as much as tasting the urine of folks living in the bush to determine if they're diabetic (among other things).

and speaking of biology, should you need a good used copy of Inquiry Into Life, please support your local starving unemployed youth pastor by purchasing my old one....