Monday, July 10, 2006

Barone on Mexico and Calderon: Conservatives Ascendant, NAFTA Texifies

The impeccable Michael Barone has analyzed electoral results from Mexico and made two keep observations:

  • Despite what we've heard from the press, the center-right is doing quite well in Latin America, especially since even the non-Chavista left is supportive of free trade and fiscal responsibility.
  • Predictions that NAFTA would transform more of North America to look like Texas have proved true, and northern Mexico is a clear case in point.

And our favorite quote from the column:

These center-right parties all stand for change--change in the sense of allowing a vibrant private sector to grow and alter our ways of living and making a living. Their opponents tend to stand against change, for the vested interests of public-sector unions, for (in Canada and Mexico) the subsidy of anti-American metropolitan elites.

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