Sunday, July 30, 2006

The SWNID Poll: In a Hypothetical Election ...

Our previous post prompts us to ask our gentle readers the same question posed to us this morning by Daughter of SWNID while driving to worship services:

In a hypothetical presidential election in which the only candidates were (a) William Jefferson Clinton; (b) Hillary Rodham Clinton, for whom would you vote?

Please post your choice and any rationale for it in the comments. While we do not discourage creativity in forming alternatives (going to Canada, fomenting revolution, ritual suicide, etc.), we are interested in your choices as confined to these two Arkansan alternatives.

Or are they New Yorkers now?


M. Swaim said...

That's a tough one, especially since Bill Clinton still resembles himself, while I am having more and more trouble finding differences between the political positions of Hillary and Bill Frist.

My vote would be the same as it was the last time I felt uncomfortable choosing between two options I was reluctant to put my name to: "Average" Joe Schriner.

Bryan D said...

This is the sort of situation that would encourage one towards bloody revolution (conservatives own all those evil guns anyway and it would be more than hilarious watching the Dems go to the UN to see if they could fight back). Rather than this, however, I would push to reinstitute the practice of electing the presedential runner-up as the vice president. Then I would sit back and watched as the anchors from FOX gleefully commented on the self destruction of the American government. From the rubble, a new leader would arise. This leader would be wise, fair and strong. We would call the renewed nation the Republic of SWNID. Folks, grab yourselves some popcorn, flop down in a comfy chair and prepare to watch the election of the apocalypse!

dave o. said...

Leaving the country is probably not a viable option (although Costa Rica might be enticing). If congress remains in Republican hands (a big "if"-not sure if the Senate is now), it really doesn't make much difference. However, forced to choose between those two loons, I'd have to go with Bill. Hillary's just too evil-scary. Bill has more potential for comic relief.