Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Music That Makes SWNID Dance

SWNID was born, as we like to say, without a groove thing. But the music video linked here by the helpful folks at Powerline, the Right Brothers performing their one and only hit, the partisan celebration "Bush Was Right," sends us into a frenzy of head-banging, theo-conservative dancing every time we replay it, which has been often.

We give the band special recognition for its use of a playground taunt as a guitar hook.

Gentle readers will no doubt be glad that they can view the video but not our reaction to it.


Robb K. said...

The music reminds me of early Christian rock. In comparison, early Christian rock had enough depth to its message to get many Christians excited about it. That is, unless their friends who were not Christians were there and then it goes from the realm of finger tappin' to embarrassing because the music does not live up to the excitement factor of the message to those who already agree with it. This song is probably the butt of many liberal jokes.

Dynitta said...

As previously stated to SWNID in the Holy Lands, just once, this gentle reader would absolutely love to witness the SWNIDy-One shakin' his proverbial groove thang. I can hear the beats now!!

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

D, be careful what you ask for. As the SWNID offspring say, "Dad, when you try to dance, it looks like you're making fun of dancing."