Thursday, April 19, 2007

Enquirer Quotes Best Sources on Christian Music

SWNIDish colleague Ken Read is quoted in today's Enquirer on the subject of Christian music, in an article on the same. We love this remark, a brilliant summation of things:

To more traditional churches, if you don't have easy answers then you don't have answers at all. And if you don't have answers, then you don't have the Gospel. And if you don't have the Gospel, you're in danger of hell. But this music doesn't have all the answers. And the traditional churches don't know what to do with this. It doesn't fit their model.

The article could easily be titled, "CCU Leads Local Christian Music Scene," as it refers to more than one who has graced our halls.

We do ask, however, that the reporter not align Jesus Christ Superstar with the development of Christian music, as that was decidedly not a Christian production in any respect.


Christian said...

Five Iron Frenzy rocks. Decidedly evangelistic... just not always. In fact, now that I think about it, rarely in their music.

This is news? I've been listening to music of that nature for 10 years, and I'm already out of the loop. Still, kudos to Ken.

Also, what's with the shout out to Jesus Christ Superstar. I shudder even typing that. But besides that, it doesn't even fit linguistically in the article. That's freshman level writing.

rustypants said...

there you go, knocking Jesus Christ Superstar again. cut it out, weatherly.