Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus Listeners Agree to Two Weeks of Listening to NPR

As penance for encouraging and supporting the offensive bad taste of radio personality Don Imus, large numbers of Imus's listeners have signed a pledge to listen to nothing but NPR for two weeks.

In place of Imus's misogynistic and racist remarks, washed down with inappropriately loud laughter from sidekicks, his audience will be treated to news and public affairs shows, jazz, classical and folk music, and, in smaller markets, college students as local announcers.

"I hear that Mara Liason and Carl Castle can really get rude on 'Morning Edition,'" said one Imus fan.

1 comment:

4xd said...

Nothing like two weeks of zither music, folk singer retrospectives, and Guatemalan political debate as penance.
At least it's not two weeks of Rush Limbaugh and/or Al Franken.