Friday, April 06, 2007

"Omar" Gives Worm's-Eye View of the Surge

The intrepid blogger Omar of "Iraq the Model" provides a narrative of his home being searched by American security forces in Baghdad. It's a remarkable tale, full of the humanity and tension inherent in trying to live in what is still a war zone.

We commend Omar, who responded to the difficult situation with grace and understanding, and the American soldiers, who carried out their difficult duty with grace and understanding.

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Guy named Courtney said...

After examining the picture linked on the link it appears the eight duce have managed to finally be nice to those they're searching. I've been on the soldiers side on these befores and its hard to be nice. We lost one of our own last year from doing searches such as these and you always go in with a hightened state of alertness. On the other hand, being harsh with the locals gets very little done, especially when they're innocent. So I must say, the Army might be finally learning their lesson, the less bad guys we make, the less we'll have to fight.