Thursday, October 02, 2008

And as to Political Blame

Jonah Goldberg nicely summarizes the MSM's post mortem analysis of the first bailout bill: even though the House is controlled by the Ds, it's the fault of the Rs that the bill didn't pass.

The Speaker didn't whip it, she let 16 committee chairs vote against it, and she blames the Rs. The left's only objection was that the bill didn't contain enough spending on their favorite causes, all unrelated to stabilizing the financial system. And the resulting larger deficits would be the fault of Rs too, presumably for not raising taxes to 110%.

We think that the Rs who voted no on "principle" are uninformed, but at least they had something resembling principle.

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gunutzinva said...

Unfortunately, voters are to blame for the failures of their representatives.

As for the economic situation in general, Obama apparently believes the working class is to blame. In his now popular "trickle down" ad, he laments the failures of the last eight years and comments "instead of prosperity trickling down, pain has trickled up." If the analogy of trickle-down economics holds, then the source of the economic pain we're experiencing is apparently the poor and lower classes. I'd like to hear a smooth explanation from him on that one.
Be on the look out for "voodoo economics" to re-enter the political lexicon, and look for Crazy Joe to launch it tonight in prime time.