Friday, October 03, 2008

SWNID Endorses Sensible Campaign

Citizens of Chicago enjoy many fine amenities. They also labor under a political regime distinguished by its inconsistency and corruption.

Whether the subject of this post is a matter of the former or latter is immaterial. But the fact is this: the Chicago Public Library insists that it cannot restrict access to pornography on public terminals in its libraries. As a consequence, patrons and librarians in Chicago's libraries are commonly subject to an assault of obscene images as computers are used commonly to access porn, even by registered sex offenders.

We commend the efforts of our friend and former student Amanda Maglish Bratschie to bring attention to this situation and galvanize the public to bring needed change to a valued public institution.

Gentle readers can learn more at her web site.

So whatever happened to the librarian who made people behave themselves in the library?

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