Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cap and Trade: Follow the Money

Al Gore has made himself rich(er) with speeches about climate change, and even more rich(er) with an Oscar-winning (!) movie.

And as the Canada Free Press reminds us today, he stands to join the mega-rich(est) if cap-and-trade regulations on carbon emissions become the law of our Republic.

We recall the left's disdain that Dick Cheney, prior to serving as Vice President, had led a multinational corporation that manufactures oil drilling equipment and provides services for American military expeditionary forces. We do not expect similar distress over the fact that the most celebrated climate alarmist is about to fund his grandchildren's trust funds from the Planet's Peril.

Need we add that the "profits" of cap-and-trade come not through greater economic productivity but through taxes that will be paid indirectly by every citizen, with regressively disproportionate impact on people with low incomes and stultifying effects on economic growth?

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