Monday, June 15, 2009

Is America Waking Up with a Left-Wing Hangover?

Gallup reports that Americans report that 41% of Americans are conservative, 35% moderate and 21% liberal. For historical comparison, that's the biggest plurality for the conservatives since 2004.

There are lots of ways to interpret this, but only a few are SWNIDish. We note that the Republic seems to have been medicating itself with liberal liquor against the unpleasantness of the second Dubya term. Now, it seems that deficits and intrusions into the marketplace are the symptoms of a severe liberal hangover, for which the electorate now seeks relief from the bracing cocktail of traditional values and protection of individual liberty that, like a restorative dose of tomato juice, raw egg and hot pepper sauce revive the senses after foolish self-indulgence.

Of course, the best way to get over a liberal hangover is never to indulge in liberalism. Friends don't let friends vote Democrat, as the saying goes.

Our Republic has a history of sobriety, punctuated by brief experiments with government dependency. Maybe this time we can detox quickly and get back to work.

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