Monday, June 22, 2009

Please Tell Us This Is a Parody!

A Google Ad took us to a place we hoped could not exist. Now we can only hope that it exists as a parody. Sadly, the very earnest testimonials that the site features suggest that it is 100% earnest itself. markets three titles in its nascent line of children's books: Why Mommy Is a Democrat, Why Daddy Is a Democrat, and Momma Voted for Obama. Sample pages are included on the site.

From the sample pages, we believe that the books express much truth about the Democratic Party.

First, Why Mommy Is a Democrat seems to work from the refrain that the Democratic Party does things "just like Mommy," as in making sure that everyone shares and plays by the rules. The SWNIDish response is "True enough!" For those who believe that society runs best with a maternalistic nanny state protecting citizens from all unfairness, certainly the party of George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi is the right--oops! we meant "correct"--party.

Further, Why Daddy Is a Democrat seems to feature the party's generous provision for public employees like firefighters and teachers. Again, we affirm as much. If a person believes that public employees are best represented by unions that forever demand more and more of everything for their members, then the party of John Murtha and Carl Levin is certainly the correct one.

Daddy also affirms that Dems make the planet well when it is sick. That's a fine achievement indeed. We hope to see an example of correct diagnosis and effective treatment someday.

Momma Voted for Obama seems to proceed as a harmless and pointless rhyming exercise akin to a Dr. Seuss book, minus the outrageous wit. That is, until voting for Obama is contrasted with voting for "a man named John," pictured holding the tail of an elephant and in the text equated with a "mastodon." We suppose that depersonalizing human beings by identifying them with extinct species is OK as long as the future of the planet and all its worthy inhabitants is at stake. However, we believe that if the mastodon were still extant, Democrats would protect it, so we're not sure whether this comparison ought to be allowed to stand.

For those who prefer to be alarmed rather than amused by books like these, we simply point out that children will tolerate all kinds of things, but boredom is not one of them. Like all works of propaganda, these books are most obviously insufferably boring, worse than what Saturday morning TV became when the FCC got "serious" about enforcing mandates for "educational content." In sum, like Air America (a radio personality from which endorses the books) and other efforts at leftist propaganda, these books will be extremely ignored by those they're intended to influence.

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Anthony said...

haha this is the sarcastic shallacking as well.