Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Much for Iranian "Moderates"

Those who held a glimmer of hope that the Iranian elections might restore a modicum of sanity to that benighted country are disappointed to learn that wing-nut Ahmadinejad has a bigger majority than Obama did.

Is the antisemitic conspiracy-theorist's landslide a result of his manipulation of the electoral process or his countrymen's devotion to his absurd rhetoric despite the manifest failures of his administration? Either way, the effect is the same: a country with a large population, a strategic location, oil wealth and a nuclear arms program will continue to be led by a man who, if a citizen of this Republic, would be the peer of the guy who lived in a shack and shot up the Holocaust Museum.

For all those devoted to pacifying Ahmadinejad's Iran through diplomacy, we offer our best wishes for success.

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