Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As Ohio, So the Republic

The RCP poll average shows Kasich leading Strickland for governor of Ohio. Likewise, Portman leads Fisher for US Senate from Ohio.

We interpret such numbers presently, before any real debate or advertising, as a referendum on the national parties. Rs have very little positive stuff presently, but Ds have so much negative that their guys are at a severe disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Missouri US Senate candidate Robin Carnahan (a magic name in MO), having issued a statement criticizing the Obamanoids, deliberately went to Washington for today, where she doesn't work yet, while BHO heads to St. Louis for another shirtsleeves exercise in the false-choice rhetorical trope.

We figure that if Obama were accompanied by wingpersons Pelosi and Reid, much of Missouri would take a road trip elsewhere.

And meanwhile, in his Gray Lady blog, pomo icon Stanley Fish cries that Bush is no longer foul. The estimable Dr. Fish suggests that a surprising number of citizens now answer in the affirmative to the question, "Miss me yet?"

Back to Ohio. Ds nearly ran the table in 2006 running against Bob Taft (rhymes with "graft") and Dubya. No can do now.

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Bryan D said...

Forza Fish!

Without him I would have relied on my own ideas for the 2nd chapter of my dissertation, and we know how dangerous that can be!