Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dems, Operating on Principle, Look Set to Defy Mathematics

Stupak is in, reports The Politico.

It's probably over now. America will have a health care plan that combines the worst features of all plans presently available globally.

Except that this bill will now become the defining political division for the next generation. As was Roe v. Wade, so will be ObamaCare. It will be litigated, debated, revised, campaigned, demagogued and modified endlessly.

How much of this "bill" will be overturned by courts, repealed or never funded by future Congresses, pushed back for fiscal reasons, or further decorated with additional "fixes" that never address the core problem remains to be seen. But, stung by the reminder that we ought not speak about the future with confidence, we this afternoon express considerable confidence that this sucker won't live long in its present form.

On such, we offer this reminder about the rhetoric supporting ObamaCare. We have been told endlessly what great triumphs of governmental service are Social Security and Medicare. Fair enough: most Americans want to continue these programs. But if we were starting them today, would they look like they do, funded by a declining percentage of workers to benefit an increasing percentage of pensioners? The answer is as obvious as it can be.

Yet ObamaCare doesn't correct this misdirection but compounds it.

So be it, Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Democrats. If the sky now falls, don't say you haven't been warned, and don't blame the people who warned you, the Party of Know.

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To quote a great film, "You keep using that word [seldom]. I do not think it means."