Monday, March 08, 2010

Dr. Krauthammer Adopts SWNIDish View

Awhile back we argued that the latest Obama/Pelosi/Reid move to force ObamaCare through their reduced-majority Congress via reconciliation was nothing more than an attempt to label the GOP as obstructionists for the November elections. As the bill can't even pass at a simple-majority with Democrats, who remain in the majority, its only real purpose is to blame Republicans for what Democrats can't do.*

Apparently, Charles Krauthammer read that post, as this brief exchange indicates:

We think it won't work very well. Let's see if Krauthammer says that when he gets the chance to elaborate.

*We expect to hear more of what center-left pundits are complaining about these days, namely government is broken (text), and it's the fault of Republicans (subtext). This somehow explains why Democrats can't pass a bill when they don't need Republicans. Moral: if all the world were Democrats, Republicans would still be to blame for the world's problems, simply because they, like dinosaurs, once roamed the earth.

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