Monday, March 08, 2010

Obama on the Stump, Or the Definition of Insanity

BHO was stumping for ObamaCare today in PA. Tomorrow, we hear he's going to St. Louis for still more faux populist bashing of insurance companies (who will receive an estimated $330 billion in federal payments from ObamaCare) and their Republican allies.

Here's the video, for those with the time and inclination.

We note with some surprise that a video of the POTUS gets to run more than five times beyond the normal YouTube limit of ten minutes. Not that we live in an authoritarian state or anything.

To those nervous conservatives who worry that Obama just might get the country moving in his direction again, we simply note that this is exactly what he's been doing since November's shellacking, and it's only made matters worse for his cause. For once, we think that people understand that what they're being promised simply doesn't add up.

As to why, the examples are so cautionary. The formidable James Taranto today collates some tragic stories about the failure of centralized healthcare among our Anglo cousins to the north and east (read down to the third heading).

To our Democrat friends (we know you're out there, and we don't blame you for keeping quiet), we urge the larger lesson not to nominate someone who has never shepherded legislation through a legislature. Mr. Obama was criticized for his lack of executive experience, but the fact that he had even a little legislative experience with nothing by way of bills sponsored and passed is enormously telling. He may admire LBJ, but that master of the Congress he certainly is not.

Mr. Obama now is campaigning, the one thing he does well. But it won't get his bill passed. Time for a new act.

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