Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Era Ends, Except for Possible Surprise Endings

24 is over. Season eight is season last. So say the most officious 24-officials.

Wow! We didn't see that coming at all.

But like Star Trek, this franchise may not be done. There's talk of a movie set in Europe. We think in a few years it'll be time for prequels, with a new actor playing Young Jack Bauer making enemies in the Balkans.

And maybe a "Next Generation" series, with Chloe and Morris's kids running super-duper-high-tech data-gathering programs to lead Kim's daughter through crises involving space-based laser weapons and federal-spending-induced hyperinflation. Dystopic 24 of the Future--can't wait.

When did 24 jump the shark? We nominate Jack's second resurrection, the one deliberately induced to free him from arrest. Others may pick earlier moments.

Nevertheless, the show remains entertaining for us this season as TV is most often entertaining--for the social interaction it provokes more than its pure narrative art. Sharing with dwindling millions not just the watching of the the show but the simultaneous blogging and Facebooking, mostly ridiculing repetitive motifs and silly plots while lauding Jack's comic-book superhero behavior--that's what made 24 the best TV show since Adam West retired as Batman.

SWNID out. Gotta go set up a perimeter.

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