Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Conference of Interest to Many Gentle Readers

Gentle readers who are (a) within an easy drive of Indianapolis; (b) free of other responsibilities on Saturday, April 14; (c) employed as faculty members or students in higher education; (d) convinced that the SWNIDish view of the world is Seldom Wrong, or at least worthy of consideration as such, will want to consider attending the Spring Leadership Conference of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

ISI is an organization that promotes conservative politics on America's campuses, otherwise largely the last holdouts for global socialism, via publications and conferences that it makes available for free to folks connected with higher ed. We get some of their publications, and from time to time we find time to read some of them. They're more than worth what we pay.

The conference is devoted to the thought of Russell Kirk, with William F. Buckley one of the founders of modern American political conservatism. It features, among others, Rod Dreher, author of the recent bestseller, Crunchy Conservatism.

By the way, the conference is free to faculty and students. Though this might appear to be a concession to socialistic tendencies, one should remember that ISI is funded by voluntary donations.

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