Sunday, March 11, 2007

SWNID Bracketology: Look for a Deja Vu Final

SWNID is by definition Seldom Wrong. So we will state what is Often True: we have never picked a remotely accurate NCAA D-I Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket. Never.

However, we believe that the performances of teams in the just-concluded conference tournaments augur well for a hoops rematch of the pigskin championship. And we believe that the outcome will favor the Worthless Nuts of Ohio State over the Cold-Blooded Reptiles of Florida.

We also admit that this post is a shameless attempt to provoke comments from gentle readers who are more inclined to express opinions on the less gravid subjects of this blog.


4xd said...

Will there be theological implications in the result of the Xavier v. BYU game? If so, will James Cameron make a TV special?

Go Miami (one win would be nice).

Pick Georgetown.

Guy named Courtney said...

sadly, while i suffer from what I like to call "picking my own team even though they don't have a chance itus" its fairly common this time of year, and it involves picking your favorite team (mine being Indiana) to win it all, even though they haven't a chance, so go IU!