Friday, March 23, 2007

More Political Health

Elizabeth Edwards is not the only public figure with health news.

Presidential Press Spokesman Tony Snow, a favorite of SWNID's (and maybe a little too much of a favorite of Mrs. SWNID, if you catch my drift, but we are SWNIDishly secure nevertheless) will have surgery to remove a growth in his lower abdomen.

Snow says that the growth already tests benignly, but as a cancer survivor, he's being "aggressively cautious."

We commend the same response as we did for Mrs. Edwards.


Dynitta said...

This gentle reader feels nothing but sadness for Mrs. Edwards and her family at the news of her cancer. And if she and her husband wish to spend their days focused on something other than the day to day of cancer treatment, etc... then that is their choice to make, without all the politics.

However, on the issue of Mr. Edwards, and the words "a nice person" --- this gentle reader is of the opinion, that life as a trial lawyer, including but not limited to the invoking of a dead child to win a court case, and some of his other tactics would disqualify Mr. Edwards from the usage of the term "nice person." This gentle reader, is far too gentle to put into words what type of person Mr. Edwards has shown himself to be. I do wish his wife well, and it is my hope that her husband [aka The Breck Girl] is squashed like a bug in his bid for the White House.

Jim Shoes said...

The obvious reality that Edwards cannot win the nomination should spare his wife any undue pressure while she's under treatment.