Monday, March 05, 2007

Megabus Expands Service!

Our SWNIDish heart rejoices at the news that Megabus--upstart public transportation company providing cheap, reliable intercity service in the heart of the heartland--is expanding its schedule.

In April, Cincinnati will see two daily Megabus departures to Indianapolis and Chicago, plus a route to Columbus.

The SWNID family can now personally testify as to the efficiency and comfort of the Megabus, as can several of our friends. And as word of mouth and word of blog seem to be Megabus's only advertising strategies, we take this testimony very seriously.

And if you're thinking that you can take the Megabus to Indy for the ISI conference, you just might be onto something.

Now, if we can just get the government to allow Megabus to put Amtrack out of business for good . . .

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Ryan said...

News conference Thursday at 10:30a at the new stop -- at the end of Neil Dr. in front of McCorkle.