Friday, March 23, 2007

It's the Corruption, Stupid!

Ds won Congress last November on a campaign against the Iraq War and Evil Republican Corruption.

Now, USA Today reports:

Three months after promising to curtail spending on pet legislative projects, House Democrats have salted the Iraq emergency spending bill with $3.7 billion for farm interests that make significant donations to Democrats.

That's right, gentle readers. The Ds are funding the Iraq War and a bunch of boodle for their cronies besides. We note in passing that the US government has probably done more damage to the economies of emerging nations through domestic farm subsidies than any other single means.

Meanwhile, they continue their program of show trials. Now that Valerie Plame has had her star turn in a Senate chamber, they have moved on to the firing of eight underperforming US attorneys in a valiant attempt to keep alive the notion that virtue resides only on their side of the aisle.

And we thought that the party of Andrew Jackson would be done with such things.

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