Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Anti-Colonial Windmills of BHO's Mind

The estimable Dinesh D'Souza--Reagan biographer, Christian apologist, college president, public intellectual--offers as compelling an explanation as we've seen for what makes the present POTUS tick.

Drawing on Obama's campaign autobiography, Dreams from My Father, D'Souza argues that the President is animated by anti-colonialism.

We find the hypothesis intriguing if rather too tidy. Certainly D'Souza, himself the child of anti-colonialism who has consciously chosen to affirm American exceptionalism, has a distinct personal knowledge of the outlook.

The lengthy-by-present-journalistic-standards article is worth reading in its entirety.


Tom said...

What is anti-colonial about sending more troops into Afghanistan?

JB in CA said...

Seems like I saw somewhere that Newt Gingrich is saying the same thing.

Bryan D said...

JB: Newt was quoting Dinesh, it was on NRO.