Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BHO Windmills Redux

Looks like Dinesh D'Souza has some competition.

At American Thinker, one Jack Cashill, author of the forthcoming Deconstructing Obama, argues that D'Souza's anti-colonial hypothesis missed the real influence in Dreams from My Father, which was not Obama, Sr. but Bill Ayers.

So the father-influenced Obama is merely a creation of Ayers' recasting Obama's story along the lines of the Homeric Telemachus. And Obama is much more the product of standard-issue leftist radicalism, with Ayers as his enabler, than merely anti-colonialism.

Either way, we're not comforted. Lincoln was formed by the hardships of poverty and the encouragement of a stepmother. TR was formed by the struggle to overcome his childhood illnesses. FDR was formed by the struggle to overcome disability. Obama was formed by some combination of his parents' radical political views, supplemented by their friends and nourished by his mother's doting hyper-indulgence of young Barry.

Not comforting at all.

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Bryan D said...

I think Cashill is closer to the mark.