Saturday, September 11, 2010

Judd Gregg: Freeze the Spending or Get Obama's European-Style VAT

Now that BHO himself is talking about letting tax rates stay where they are, we turn our fiscal attention from the urgent to the important, namely, federal spending. And on that subject Senator Judd Gregg speaks truth:

Note well Gregg's repeated reference to the massive rising of federal spending as a percentage of GDP. We note that the repeated cries that "Republicans do it too" are at least debatable factually (even as big a spender as Dubya didn't spend like this) and an irrelevant ad hominem that ineffectively dodges the issue. The question is whether citizens are willing to try to make it on their own, at least a little bit.

Gregg's closing is hard to argue against: that BHO's huge leap in federal spending presages the introduction of new taxes to close that gap. For those who would like unemployment to remain high indefinitely, the White House has an excellent plan.

If citizens are ready to separate themselves from the federal patron-client relationship, they have the opportunity to indicate as much in November.

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