Monday, September 13, 2010

ObamaCare and the First Amendment

HHR Sec Kathleen Sebelius has publicly warned health insurance companies justifying their rate increases by citing ObamaCare's additional burdens that they're treading on dangerous ground.

Michael Barone, hardly the most excitable of pundits, today notes how far from the traditions of free speech such warnings are. Not one for colorful language, he refers to such tactics as typical of "gangsters."

We thought it was George W. Bush who was a threat to civil liberties. Well, we guess it's one thing to be a suspect terrorist and another to be engaging in commerce, like health insurance.

Or maybe powerful people are all corrupt to one degree or another. And maybe when they panic, powerful people tend to abuse their power.

Of course it's very unjustifiable to panic over global terrorism, but very excusable to do so over politically damaging statements.

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