Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sung Heroes, Edition One

We hereby inaugurate a new feature of our blog. Departing from our usual themes of social, political, cultural and religious commentary, we instead offer what we henceforth call

[drum roll!]

Sung Heroes!*

[cymbal clash, fanfare, huzzahs!]

What is a SWNIDish Sung Hero?

Such a personage is a businessperson offering exceptionally honest and valuable service to her or his customers. Such individuals demonstrate the happy outcomes set in motion when an individual lives to make others' lives better, coincidentally making a living in the process.

We intend to use our massive global influence (over fifty hits a day!) occasionally to name such individuals, describing their helpful commercial pursuits and urging others to multiply global happiness by engaging them in similar commerce. If Angie can have a list, why can't SWNID?

And who is the first SWNIDish Sung Hero?

None other than Mr. Terry Neal, proprietor of Terry Neal Home Improvement of Oxford, Ohio. Mr. Neal does home improvement work of all kinds, bringing skill, thrift, pride and love to his craft. He advertises not a smidgeon, not even in the so-called Yellow Pages, relying entirely on word-of-mouth referral.

The SWNIDs can testify that his work is done right at the right price. We've engaged in considerable economic stimulus through Mr. Neal's refurbishment of the SWNIDish domicile's exterior this summer, and the outcome has been highly satisfactory. If we had more stimulus money, we'd have him refurbish our interior too.

For those who believe that the only alternatives for work on one's home are either big companies with bloated advertising budgets and bloated prices or "Chuck with a truck" who shiftily bids low and works lower, Mr. Neal offers a highly pleasant alternative.

Based in Oxford, Mr. Neal works all over the Greater Cincinnati region. Those who want this Sung Hero to bid on their work may contact the blogger privately to get his contact information.

*This phrase has been lodged in the SWNIDish memory ever since hearing commentator Edwin Newman remark on the existence of negative phrases for which there is no positive. We recall but cannot confirm Newman remarking that while there can be an "unsung hero" a "sung hero" sounds like an Italian sandwich in a Chinese restaurant.

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