Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where to Give

With a lot of other blogs, SWNID is recommending a way to give for hurricane relief. We're going with two.

For immediate relief, give to the Salvation Army (be patient with the link: heavy traffic means slow downloads). These folks are dedicated to the task, knowledgeable and still doin' it in the name of Jesus. Some interesting anecdotes from other recent stateside disasters suggests that they maybe surpass even the Red Cross for short-term effectiveness.

For long-term relief, go for International Disaster Emergency Services. This organization has an amazingly low overhead because it works with churches located in or near disaster areas to distribute the aid that the locals know they need to the people whom the locals know are in need. If you know of churches in or near the affected area, contact IDES with the information, or contact the church--if you can--and have them get in touch.

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