Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Potpourri

On Bill Cunningham and John McCain: Now that Jerry Springer is in Chicago, Marge Schott has gone to her reward, and Pete Rose has paid his debt to society, Bill Cunningham is Cincinnati's only residual embarrassment. We urge our entire Republic forever to turn off this faux conservative's program, consigning his vulgar rants and insinuations to the oblivion they so richly deserve.

At the McCain rally, Cunningham wanted nothing more than for Cunningham to become the story. He succeeded. As a radio personality, he is not a controversialist but one who must himself be the focus of controversy.

That the McCain campaign extended their invitation to Cunningham does not inspire confidence in Senator McCain's prospective ability to manage intelligence gathering and analysis.

On Global Warming: It appears that currently we are enjoying the most widespread snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere since 1960. Meanwhile, sunspot activity is notably low, an indicator of reduced energy discharge from the sun. Not doubting that changes in the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere influence temperatures marginally, we are still drawn to the overwhelming conclusion that nearly all of our planet's climate is determined by factors that have nothing to do with human activity.

We assert that this February sets a record not only for snow cover but also for length. It's been the longest month in our experience. The combination of cold, precipitation, gloom and the endless sniping between two liberal presidential candidates has driven us nearly to despair.

On NAFTA and Globalism: The Democrats' bash-NAFTA extravaganza has yielded one positive outcome: articles from various sources detailing the massive consensus among economists that the United States has benefited economically from free trade, not least from the NAFTA agreement. In the run up to Ohio's primary, anti-NAFTA speech is the only alternative for candidates who can't publicly admit that Ohio's economic woes mostly have to do with the long-term decline of the Big Three auto manufacturers, largely because of their own mismanagement, aided and abetted by the United Auto Workers.

On the Ohio Primary: We urge gentle readers to vote in favor of Issue 10, the Cincinnati Public School's tax levy. This small levy will preserve vital services in a district that performs better than most of its urban peers. (Note to our most rabidly anti-tax, anti-public-school, gentle readers: no one said that the district is less than wasteful and inefficient, just that the alternatives are all worse in the near term.)

On Jeopardy: We belatedly congratulate Walnut Hills High School sophomore Rachel Horn, friend of Daughter of SWNID, on crushing her opponents in the finals of the Jeopardy teen tournament.


Micah said...

Don't leave us hanging! "We assert that this February sets a record not only for" WHAT? No ellipses, no text, nothing. I'm on the edge of my seat, wondering what comes next!

willytribs said...

Regardles of what Al Gore and others may say about the falling sky, we have dependency issues when it comes to things like oil. (Oil could be metaphoric for any number of natural resources that are seemingly finite and will one day run out). I happen to lean toward the side that belives our planet is warming, but I would rather talk about ways we can lessen our earthly impact for future generations. It seems silly to me that we have the intelligence, ability and science to create solar, wind, whatever renewable source of energy you choose, yet continue to hold on to good ol petroleum. Planet warming or not, taking measures to reduce waste seems logical (and conservative).
Concerning NAFTA, we may benefit nicely from it, who wouldn't want free trade from a business perspective. My question is, how are the people on the other end making out? Fair Trade does not equate with non profit. You can compensate people fairly and still make money, but it would cut into the ever widening margin of salaries from CEO to entry level worker. (The company I work for, by my best accounts pays the CEO 483X what a green aproned barista makes).
Cunningham is an embarassment to all.
Peace and hello

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Ellipsis corrected, Micah. Such are the perils of blogging in the gaps. We fear, however, that our remark wasn't all that scintillating.

WillyTribs, we share your concern for the effect of trade agreements on the other side of the border. However, we stress yet again that free trade benefits both trading partners. People who work in factories in Mexico or Guatemala or China or Vietnam earn less than their counterparts in the United States. But the earn more than they would if the factory weren't there at all. And if equal wages were paid, the advantage to locating the factory away from the market would be lost.

The reason conservatives like to insist that we allow commerce between consenting adults is precisely because we can count on most adults to make decisions in their best interest most of the time. It's not always social Darwinism that drives such perspectives. It's also compassion for people who lack opportunities.

Rustypants said...

SWNID said:
"Now that Jerry Springer is in Chicago, Marge Schott has got to her reward, and Pete Rose has paid his debt to society, Bill Cunningham is Cincinnati's only residual embarrassment."

Rustypants says:
"dude, doesn't jean schmidt still live in cincinnati?"

KevinK said...

Yes, she does. But neither she or Cunningham are "embarrassments" to Cininnati. I am no fan of Bill Cunningham, but his comments on Tueseday were accurate. McCain's rush to distance himself from the attacks on his fellow liberals, while refusing to distance himself from the endorsement of bigoted "Pastor" John Hagee, prove that he is unfit for the presidency. I voted for McCain in the primary -- but will not repeat the mistake in November.

chris said...


Oil is cheaper and more efficient than wind and solar. Nuclear works well too, but the greenies don't like it. We have plenty of coal in this country, but recently the feds decided to deny funding for a NextGen clean burning coal plant in my state.

I have no problem with reasonable conservation measures, but I have a big one with the feds telling me what kind of lightbulbs I can use, especially when the ones they want me to get are actually more dangerous to dispose of. (If you break one of those CF bulbs you practically need to call in a Hazmat team.)

Personally, living in the Chicago area, I was kinda hoping for some global warming. Oh, well.