Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Kemp to Conservatives: Get a Grip, Support McCain

SWNID is a Jack Kemp Republican. Jack Kemp is Seldom Wrong. He should have been at least Chief-Executive-in-Waiting, if life were just.

In a recent column Jack Kemp reminds conservatives, the people who supposedly enjoy reading history, that certain Great Conservatives were distrusted by their conservative peers. The result was not the glory of the skeptics.

The point is that conservatives need to get over their animosity toward Senator McCain and channel their energy into getting him elected.

But judging by the comments on the article, most conservatives would rather watch their cause go into the deep freeze for eight years than reward someone who occasionally deviated from orthodoxy and party discipline.

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KevinK said...

The fault is McCain's, not ours. He needs to act like a consrvative and stop pandering to liberals. The idiotic comments he made after his campaign speech here today did not help.