Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SWNID a Hillary Supporter?

In the last two weeks SWNID has received three phone calls from the Clinton campaign, all assuming that we are inclined to support the New York Junior US Senator's presidential bid.

In one we engaged in conversation for some time with a very polite and articulate campaign worker. When we expressed reservations about Ms. Clinton's role in the 1990s as First Enabler, not something we regard as a positive example for the women of our Republic, the campaign worker, after pausing, replied, "Well, we're trying to steer clear of Bill." Our response, "I wish Hillary had permanently and legally steered clear of Bill in 1998," provoked no further discussion on the subject.

Certainly the image of Ms. Clinton's "readiness" for office is not confirmed by her campaign's inability to recognize someone publicly devoted to the cause represented at this web site.

Still, we find ourselves SWNIDishly ruminating on the vote we will cast on March 4. Shall we take advantage of Ohio's open primary to cast a vote for the Democratic underdog, now Ms. Clinton, hoping to complicate the Democratic party's choice of candidate and thereby boost the chances of our preferred lesser-of-evils, Senator McCain? We are torn between what might be a useful political tactic and the immutable repugnance of even appearing to affirm a Clinton.

So the ironic possibility remains that we will do what the legions of Hillarians who phone our home have begged us to do. Call us again, Clintonistas! We'd love to talk!


Carl said...

yes, you should vote for hillary. the 10th most liberal-voting senator would be a better pres than the #1 most liberal-voting senator.

Anonymous said...

If a dem is inevitable, maybe a good question is Who is more likely to last only 1 term? I think Hillary fits that bill.


yikes, no pun intended!

Whipple Peeves said...

You may wish to rethink your logic on voting for Hlllary. In the first election, I too had the same thoughts and for the very reason you stated, I voted for Bill Clinton. I was conviced this underdog had no chance and wanted to stir the democratic waters.

To this day that is a sin I still regret and am paying for. So learn from the mistakes of others who have walked the path before you.

If you cast your vote for Hillary, you may just live to regret it.


KevinK said...

If you are interested: