Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hillary's Rant, Strickland's Two-Step, Obama's Unintentional Praise of McCain

We enjoyed this CNN video for a couple of reasons.

First, it captures Hillary in the full expression of her signature self-righteousness. Title it, "Don't Cross the Queen or You'll Lose Your Head." We figure that this is a close as we'll get to the profanity-enhanced tirades in the White House in which she threw the Republic's china at the Head of State.

Second, it captures Ohio Governor Ted Strickland nervously shifting his weight and his eyes back and forth as he witnesses his chances at a national ticket dissolving before his eyes.

We recommend watching this morning's series of CNN videos a bit further to hear Obama say that McCain wants to continue George Bush's economic and foreign policies. We want to reply, "You got a problem with that? We happen to be partial to lower taxes and safety from terrorists."


farris said...

Can we at least have a McCain economic policy that promises to do something about the massive overspending that we continue to allow our government to perform?

Also, in this age of youtube, how is it possible that we have not yet seen that profanity enhanced tirade?

JB in CA said...

On another subject: Now would be a good time for the annual SWNID Academy Award predictions. The show just ended.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

Two historical notes on government overspending: (a) as a percentage of GDP, the current deficit is fairly average; (b) since the 1960s the only thing that has restrained either party from overspending is divided government, the executive branch in the hands of one party and the legislative in the other. Since it seems a mathematical certainty that the Democrats will retain control of Congress, a Republican win for the White House is necessary for fiscal sanity.

On the Academy Awards, we predict that The Godfather will sweep the major awards.

chris said...

What's even better than a divided government is when they actually shut it down. I think they should do that a few weeks every year. It could save us a bundle.